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Filed in Escort | Posted by admin on July 7, 2023


Petting is an old term from the mid-20th century that involves fooling around in a sexual way. Petting can therefore be seen as an outdated term.

But despite the fact that it’s rarely used by people under the age of 60, caresses are actually a really progressive way to build intimacy with a partner. So why not try it with an Escorte Suceava?

What is petting? Originating in America in the 1940s, petting originally meant to stroke. Similar to petting a house cat and is roughly equivalent to the term “make out”. So, what does petting actually involve? It basically means sexual fooling around, fondling or foreplay. So basically, petting is stimulating someone’s body in an erotic context, but stopping before intercourse.

Petting can be any form of upper body and neck stimulation and can include the following:

– To kiss
– Kissing/snogging for a long time
– Stroking
– Breast massage / cradle of the breast and nipples
– Some activities below the waist such as massaging or rubbing the private parts (but with clothes on)
– What is more decisive petting?

Firmer strokes tend to focus more on sexual activity and foreplay below the waist, but stop short of full intercourse (for most heterosexual couples this means penetrative penis-in-vagina sex). That is, it tends to incorporate genital stimulation.

These types of caresses might include:

– Oral sex ( cunnilingus / licking someone or fellatio / blowjobs )
– Manual works
– Fingering
– Mutual masturbation
– The benefits of petting

While fondling may be an old-fashioned term to describe sexual activity, sex experts say we can use it to reframe and reevaluate what constitutes sex. The fact that we don’t relate much to fondling these days could be interpreted as further evidence of how modern society places penetrative sex on a pedestal. And how many of us as adults tend to automatically jump into sex, and we don’t care about caresses, feelings and liveliness.

Why we should all try petting

There are many reasons to try petting with a partner. While it may have historically been something teenagers did, adults can enjoy it too. Cuddling is for anyone who loves good sex and can be a great warm-up to make partners feel really warm in the bedroom. Both stroking and heavy stroking are great ways to prepare for intercourse. Considering that 70-80% of women fail to orgasm through penetration alone and that this completely erases the valid sexual experiences of same-sex couples, the common view of sex really needs to be reconsidered.

With petting, the main point of the exercise is not the destination, but the journey. There’s a lot to be said for putting the penetrative sex aside from time to time and focusing on the caresses. Sex involving a penis in a vagina often ends when the man orgasms. Either because he may be too tired to continue, or because of the culturally informed expectation that man satisfaction is the primary outcome of sex. Petting is a much more fluid activity that can start slowly and may or may not end with someone having an orgasm.’ Petting is a great way to develop sexual technique.

There is an art to clitoral stimulation and fingering , as it requires great skill. Likewise, a good hand job and blow job are not easy and require gentle stimulation, focusing on the head of the penis. So stroking is one way to practice these sexual skills. Or, if you want to be intimate with a partner but don’t feel ready for intercourse or penetration, stroking is perfect.

It can ease the pressure on couples and gives them a way to enjoy their time together sexually before taking their relationship to the next level.