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How to put the condom on in an exciting way?

Filed in Adult | Posted by admin on July 24, 2023

How to put the condom on in an exciting way?

We at Escort Milano will not stop saying that the condom must always be worn. But how to put the condom in a sexy way during hot moments without having hindrances but transforming everything into an exciting experience? There are many sensual, eager and alluring ways to wear a condom and experience the most restrained embrace in complete freedom.

So today in our article we’re going to see how to put a condom on a man in a sexy way and make him excited even before penetration, thanks to our advice you can take note and then put into practice what we are about to reveal.

How to put the condom on the knee

Let’s start with one of the first ways to insert the condom , and that of inserting it on the knee, this practice is inspired by BDSM where the erotic game is all fantasy of domination and submission. This practice tries to be very exciting for the man who can’t resist watching a woman in a slave position. But how to do it so as to excite the man? The man will be standing with the member already hard and stretched while the partner (if you love gay encounters ) will be in front on his knees, start massaging the member well with one hand while tickling the testicles with the other. Exciting all the genital parts of a man can lead to maximum pleasure, and if you indulge in a fiery fellatio while unwrapping the condom paper, your partner will be in ecstasy.

Once the condom has been removed from the paper, always remaining on your knees and with your eager gaze turned towards your partner, start slipping the condom on the member until the entire rod is covered. The secret lies in maintaining a submissive attitude that will please your partner from the beginning to the end.

How to put the condom on with the 69 position

Now let’s see how to put the condom in the way that for us is the most satisfying for both partners. Have you ever thought of inserting a condom during a nice 69 ? You don’t know what you’ve been missing out on when the enjoyment is mutual. While she’s on top offering her partner a voracious Cunnilingus she’ll devote all her attention to her partner’s member making it hard through masturbation, licking and sucking it until she’s horny enough to insert the condom while continuing to stimulate the testicles. In the meantime, the partner will continue to lick her pussy and anus, bringing her partner’s arousal to the maximum level before penetrating and fucking her wildly.

How to put a condom on a titfuck

What man wouldn’t go into ecstasy just at the thought of receiving a titjob from a horny woman or a naughty MILF. Titjob is one of the most requested and preferred foreplay by men, because two beautiful huge boobs squeezing a member and masturbating it is the beginning of a hot fuck.

It is not a very easy technique to perform as it must be done slowly and above all while waiting for the condom to adhere well to the penis. But with a little practice you will be able to greatly stimulate your partner by increasing his desire to penetrate you.

How to put a condom on with your mouth

we conclude with our methods of putting on the condom with the blowjob technique . In this case we advise you to use a flavored condom (strawberry, chocolate, vanilla) or the flavor preferred by your partner. The partner will have to help herself with her hands and after having placed the condom in her mouth, slide it slowly along the entire length of the penis by unrolling it with her hands while with her mouth she will continue to masturbate only the glans. Just go with your imagination and this method can become a foreplay every time you have sex.

One piece of advice in conclusion

Wearing a condom during a sex encounter will no longer be so boring if you choose to put one of our 4 methods into practice, as well as being a protection against sexually transmitted diseases and acting as a barrier to unwanted pregnancies, it can also become an erotic game to be shared both as a couple and in casual sex encounters. Now how about letting us know what you think about using a condom? And if you have any other spicy ways to use it, let us know in the comments.